Breeder Referral

The Breeder Referral program is a service offered by the Nutmeg Border Collie Club. Participation requires that the breeder be a member of the NBCC. The breeders are listed alphabetically by name or kennel name and state. The activities they participate in with their dogs, and the health testing they routinely perform is listed. These are only a guide. We suggest to buyers that they screen the breeders to the best of their ability, as inclusion in this list is not a guarantee of the breeder’s reputation, or the qualities of the dogs they produce. Keep in mind that a responsible breeder will screen you as closely (or more so!) than you will screen them.

All of the following are members in good standing with NBCC and agree to abide by the NBCC Constitution & Bylaws, as well as the NBCC Code of Ethics. However, NBCC and the breeder referral committee accept no responsibility, other than reviewing complaints, from the use of this list. The list will be updated periodically.

The following information has been provided by the participants. Not all NBCC members have chosen to participate in this list. Inclusion in this list is not a guarantee of quality, ability or health. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify all information and references. Health testing and activities the breeders participate in are listed alphabetically by abbreviations. Following the subject on health, please note that only the areas tested are listed rather than the organizations used to evaluate and certify the results. Refer to the "Key to Abbreviations" below for the complete list and definitions.

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS AG = Agility CO = Conformation FB = Flyball FS = Free Style

HD = Herding OB = Obedience RA = Rally TH = Therapy

TK = Tracking SR = Search & Rescue SV = Service Dog

Breeder Listing


Rising Star - Jessica Scavetta
Available: Occasional Puppies
Activities: AG, CO, FB, HD, OB, RA
Health: Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Genetic Testing for CEA/CL, BAER Hearling Testing

Aujoy/Reinwood - Mary-Elizabeth Simpson
Stamford CT
Available: Occasional Puppies
Activities: AG, CO, OB, RA

Willowbrook - Kari Streicher
East Hampton, CT
Available: Gold & Black pups available now
Activities: AG, CO, FB, HD, OB, RA
Health: Hips, Elbows, Eyes, BAER, Genetic Testing for


New York

Tartan Bay - Carolyn Biondi
Long Island, NY
Available: puppies occasionally
Activities: AG, CO, HD, OB, TH, RA
Health: OFA hips and elbows, eyes CERF, Optigen DNA tested CEA & CL, thyroid